Academic Courses (english)



Bearing in mind the role, importance and environment in which it operates, the Faculty of Islamic Studies is constantly working on innovating content and improving program capacities, offering a wide range of study courses. The following majors can be studied at the Faculty for undergraduate studies:

Islamic studies (Dirasat Al-Islamiyya)

The Islamic studies course is a general course in Islamic sciences and is one of the four basic courses at the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

Sharia and Law (Ash-shari'ah wa al-qanun)

The Sharia and Law Course is designed as a professional study of legal sciences in Islam that are in the corpus of Sharia, as well as the study of legal areas of domestic and international law.

Pedagogy and Communication (At-tarbiya wa-l-ei'lan)

This course provides students with professional education in the field of pedagogy and communication and an introduction to scientific research in that field.

Master studies

The Faculty of Islamic Studies has been successfully organizing master's studies in Islamic studies for over a decade. The organization of these studies, in addition to being important for the development of the Faculty, is extremely useful and important for graduates of basic studies, who in this way get the opportunity for professional training and advancement, both on a personal and professional level. Master's studies at the Faculty of Islamic Studies last two years.

Doctoral studies

The Faculty of Islamic Studies also organizes doctoral studies. Doctoral studies are just a continuation of the Faculty's scientific development. By establishing these studies, muderisi and professors can continue their scientific advancement and acquisition of the highest titles in Islamic sciences. Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Islamic Studies last three years. Doctoral studies are organized in Bosnian, Arabic and English.