Pedagogy and Communication

This course provides students with professional education in the field of pedagogy and communication and an introduction to scientific research in that field. Graduated students obtain a diploma of the first academic level and the professional title of professor of pedagogy and communication. The study is designed in such a way that, in addition to professional training in pedagogical sciences, the scientific field of communication, it gives the student an insight into general Islamic and other humanistic disciplines. This study prepares students to work in the field of educational engagement, as well as in areas where the competences of communicators are necessary.

The course was created as a result of research into the essential needs of society and the market for personnel who, in addition to religious upbringing and education, possess professional qualifications in pedagogic and communication sciences.

The mentioned courses contain all the necessary subjects for building and training the staff of young generations, in order to effectively and successfully convey religious and scientific-educational thought in a multi-religious and multicultural environment.

Unit Name Date Assignments
I year
1. Arabic Language 1
2. Bosnian Language 1
3. Pedagogy
4. Metodology of SRW
5. English Language 1
6. Hadith 1
7. Fiqh
8. Epistemology
9. Quranic Studies
10. Qira’ah1
11. Aqeedah 1
11. Sira
Unit Name Date Assignments
II year
1. Arabic Language 2
2. Bosnian Literature
3. English Language 2
4. Media
5. Da'wah 1
6. General Psychology
7. School Pedagogy
8. Qira’ah2
9. Basics of Communication
10. Islamic Philosophy
11. English Language 3
12. Didactics
13. Epistemology 2
Unit Name Date Assignments
III year
1. Arabic Language 3
2. English Language 3
3. Qira’ah3
4. Sociology
5. Speech Culture
6. Dawah 2
7. Etics
8. Hadith 3
9. Islamic Pedagogy
10. Methodology of Journalism
11. Informative Journalism
11. History of Sanjak
Unit Name Date Assignments
IV year
1. Qira’ah 4
2. Androgogy
3. English Language 5
4. Islamic Culture and Civilization
5. Educational Psychology
6. Family Pedagogy
7. Bosnistics
8. Methodology of Religious Teaching
9. Public Relations
10. Basics of Propaganda
11. Islamic Art
12. Ethics in Journalism
13. Final Work